A Guide on RSS and Blogging

December 26, 2010

Blogging For Money

One of the reasons why some people see their online businesses go down the drain is because of poor implementation of marketing tactics. Since competition in the online world is very stiff, it is imperative to be able to fight with effective promotional tools. This is a crucial step to spread awareness about a certain website or e commerce site.

For your online business to flourish successfully, you need to apply strong marketing methods that are available online. RSS and blogging are key marketing tools that are often overlooked by online entrepreneurs. By creating attention grabbing RSS feeds and informative blog posts, your online business would surely enjoy booming sales.

RSS (Rich Site Summary) refers to web feed formats that keep web visitors informed about the latest happenings and updates about your site. RSS feeds comprise not only blog articles, but also video and audio pieces that can build on your website’s reputation. This is definitely better and faster than email marketing in terms of delivering your message to customers and prospects. It lets you connect easily with them. You just need to encourage web visitors to subscribe to your RSS feeds so that they can be regularly notified about your online business. Once they have subscribed, they can simply browse through the RSS headlines and choose what blog post to view. By having an RSS system and blog page, you can expand your readership and entice more customers to support your online business.

Unlike those frequently annoying website ads, RSS feeds and blogging can help you in molding credibility as long as you provide timely, interesting and honest blog posts for the readers. Blog posts that talk about product details or reviews are more effective than just displaying product images and short facts for the customers to view. Moreover, by having an RSS system, you can connect with different sections of your niche market. Hence, you can be diverse without sacrificing focus in your target market. With a larger customer base, you can then generate larger profits while making sure that customers are well satisfied with your services.



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