Choosing a Legit Affiliate Marketing Program And Things You Need to Know About

March 23, 2011

Affiliate Marketing

There is perhaps no other method in Internet marketing that isn’t as lucrative as legit affiliate marketing. After all, goods and services will always be associated with marketing. Did you ever notice how much companies invest in brand building and various forms of advertisements – from matter-of-fact infomercials to testimonials and outright sales copies? That is precisely what you do in affiliate marketing – you promote someone else’s product and you get a cut of the profit. Sounds easy enough, right? It isn’t. While it isn’t backbreaking work, you still have your tasks cut out for you in order to produce effective marketing campaigns. Knowledge of key marketing strategies is vital.

In affiliate marketing, your entire business idea should start with choosing a good niche. Choose market segments which are easier to penetrate and those wherein competition isn’t heavy. This can get tricky because the markets that are easier to reach are usually those that ARE competition-heavy. Don’t make the mistake of registering for an affiliate program when you haven’t conducted niche research yet. This will be helpful in choosing those that can actually generate income. Choose an affiliate program, which offers quality products. You will need to embed a custom-made tracking code in your WebPages so your affiliate can use it to track sales and click-throughs. Of course, you need to formulate a marketing campaign to get people to visit your site and learn about the products.

Before choosing the affiliate program, you need to know the marketing medium that the affiliate employs. The marketing medium is important because it is how the products are exposed to the public. These could either be viral marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, article marketing, email marketing, etc. Maximize profitability by partnering with people who know their stuff. Note that it requires mutual effort. The groundwork is laid out but you need to fill out the empty spaces. Affiliate programs will require you to promote goods and services. The income generated would depend on your performance; performance being sales or traffic and leads generation.

Another thing to consider is the commission rate. Details about how you would earn your share are found in the terms or service section in the affiliate agreement. Note that you earn from these affiliate programs per action. It could be Pay per Click (PPC), Pay per Sale (PPS) or Pay per Lead (PPL). Choose one that you can easily work on; just remember that they vary greatly in income generation. PPC is low-income but it is easier since you only need to direct the potential customer into links. PPS are very profitable but you know how conversion rate in the Internet rate is slow – people usually just want to look. Lead generation is mid-ground. You get good income, and it’s much closer to a sale in the sense that people who leave their names and contact info are much more interested in the product and are deeper in the sales funnel.

Affiliate marketing is basically selling in the non-literal sense. You ‘sell’ your information; you ‘sell’ your website; you ‘sell’ products. You just promote and promote to generate more traffic and leads. Search engine optimization can help tremendously, as it generates free-targeted traffic. When you get good search engine rankings, income will be rolling in, even when you are merely sipping pinacoladas.

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