Clickbank Scams

clickbank scamsThe Most Popular Clickbank Scams To Be Aware Of

Clickbank is home to hundreds of products website owners and bloggers can market and sell from their own sites, earning commissions for every purchase made from their links. Many people have come to believe the majority of these products are simply “clickbank scams” designed to earn fast cash, and Click-bank has developed something of a negative reputation.

Even critics and skeptics will concede that the digital marketplace does offer some products of significant worth, yet they still tend to dismiss merchandise on the whole as simple Clickbank scams. Reviewing products carefully, however, will easily separate the good from the bad.

Clickbank Scams and Affiliate Marketers

Clickbank affiliates sometimes feel they are being ripped off by the company itself due to its policies. Their primary complaint is an essential Clickbank requirement indicating that in order to be paid, affiliates must make five separate sales to unique credit card numbers using two fully different methods of payment, either a credit card or a PayPal account. Even multiple PayPal sales will not fulfill this requirement. Additionally, the company will levy fees against account balances until these requirements are fulfilled. PayPal’s current market dominance means that even credit card buyers are likely to use PayPal as a go-between for their purchases. Still, this are not Clickbank scams, but a component of Clickbank’s terms and conditions that all affiliates have explicitly accepted upon their registration. has a reputation for prompt and reliable payment and service once requirements have been met.

The Biggest Clickbank Scams For Affiliates

Some of the biggest problems affiliates face have nothing to do with Clickbank itself. Thieves have unfortunately found many ways to easily redirect ad traffic to their own accounts. One way to deter link hijackers is with a system of redirects via PHP scripting or meta tags, and another is to make use of link-shortening services in order to camouflage the true nature of affiliate links. In other words, if a hijacker cannot tell a link is a paid affiliate link, he or she will have no reason to attempt to steal it. Some affiliate marketers make use of cloaking software in order to hide their affiliate IDs and conceal the link altogether. Cloaking packages are often free, and will be well worth the initial trouble of installation.

Affiliates can easily test their own links to ensure they are not being hijacked by following the links all the way through to the purchase page, where their own affiliate IDs should appear. Affiliates should immediately suspect they have been targeted by Clickbank scams if an ID different from their own appears.

Google is the world’s biggest search engine, and marketers spend considerable time and effort to attain strong placement in Google search results. In turn, Google expends considerable effort in evaluating and monitoring search results to ensure they are relevant and current.

Google runs into complications when experts in search engine optimization (S.E.O.) try to find ways to beat the system. Click bank products are particularly popular with marketers who engage in these techniques, and while that does not automatically denigrate the value of the company products, it does lend to Clickbank’s overall reputation.

It is easy to see the difference between legitimate, useful websites and those developed strictly to trick search engines into sending them traffic.

The entire purpose of doing so is to achieve clicks via Google AdSense or to successfully market affiliate products. Affiliate marketing can be very tempting to entrepreneurs, as not much is required save for a working website and an affiliate account. The low barriers to entry have encouraged this model’s popularity, and sadly, made it very simple for unscrupulous business operators to perpetuate their own Clickbank scams and tarnish the company’s reputation.



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