Data Entry Jobs From Home Scam

October 28, 2011

Data Entry, work at home scams

Data Entry Jobs From Home Scam Unraveling The Truth Behind.

If you are one of hundreds of thousands of people hunting for a part-time or full time online job, encountering data entry job ads may not be new to you anymore. If you are planning to enter into this type of job, wait. If you have decided you ‘want’ to avail of a certain data entry program because with it you can still keep you day job and get extra income doing easy data typing, wait. Don’t shell out any single cent until you read what I have to share or face disappointment like I did with work at home data entry scams. Ready?

Scams are everywhere, they strike at any opportunity and their main objects are people irresponsible enough to skip all the nuances of doing rigorous research before making a big decision. Translation scams, web writing scams, data entry jobs from home scam, and many other types of scams swarm the internet. Without the proper know-how, you are an easy target.

So, are data entry jobs from home scam or real? Here’s what I have to say.

Data entry job ads say you don’t need experience in order to join their growing data entry empire. If you are a student, stay-at-home parent, or just anyone looking for extra income, typing data online will give you the break you are looking for. Just follow the step-by-step process they have on their website and in a few clicks of your mouse, you are well on your way to earning big cash. You can make your own schedule and work wherever you like. Earn money sweat-free, hassle-free.

If I were the one to read these lines, my mind would automatically say, “Wow. This is heaven-sent.” But are they really?

So I decided to do a serious research to find out if any of these promoters live up to their promises. I began by looking at data entry programs found on Clickbank’s Marketplace. The application process of the data entry programs I examined require an applicant to pay some sort of registration fee so they could receive their training materials and start as soon as they are ready.

The E books were fine. But I noticed that the main topic discussed, which is how to earn money by selling associate products using Google AdWords, is not at all data entry but affiliate marketing. I also learned that using this system, you cannot earn unless you successfully make a sale and encourage others to do the same thing you also did. Fraud. False information. It made me mad. They advertise this and then they make you do a completely different thing.

Though scams generally take the money of their unknowing victims, these seemingly data entry jobs from home scam, whether I like it or not, not altogether scam. Of course you will still earn money but you will do no data entry. Instead, you do affiliate marketing, which is a more challenging task to do.

Data Entry Jobs From Home Scam Final Word

Now when you ask, are there really legitimate data entry jobs? The good news is yes, there are. You can avoid the hassles of checking into the wrong room by doing your own research and reading reviews online. You can go to Webmaster forums and find many good choices there. However, to be on the safe side, always research, research, research.


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