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November 24, 2011

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News On Forex Automated Trading Software For Serious Traders

Incredibly, for two decades, the whole world has seen advancements in machines simulating our intelligence. In many different aspects of living, artificial intelligence has helped  people from different part of the world to efficiently complete tasks using only minimal effort and shorter time. In an attempt to comprehend and minimize losses in currency trading, inexperienced and newbie traders have resorted to employing Forex automated trading software to handle their accounts.

Forex automated trading software are advanced trading systems that are able to carry out trades with only minimal human input and sometimes not at all. Independently, they explore the currency exchange market looking for potential short-term opportunities. There were a number of Forex automated trading software that emerged but only a few of them survived the volatility of the market. Some of them gave good results given a certain trend but failed when the trend changed. These robots were basically out of business in a matter of weeks. One of the prevailing Forex robots to date is the “smart droid”, which was created in the year 009 by currency exchange trading experts.

Forex Megadroid review is an online guide that gives you a comprehensive overview of the features of this brand. In this website, consumer feedback and ratings are featured as well. Also, links to the user guide and updated versions of this software are provided. Read on for a summary of what this droid can do.

This automatic Forex trading software strategies are flexible with respect to trend changes in the market through considering all possible trading signals and scenarios. Thus, it continues to deliver good results whatever the currency market movements are. This feature has contributed to this currency trading robot’s average an incredible net profit of 474.95% for many consecutive years years. It is a proven fact.

This smart droid maintains a 3:1 risk – reward ratio. This controls trading activity to prevent jeopardizing the entirety of an account. Also, this software is wary of unclear market signals and avoids making trades until these signals are definite. A relative recent back test showed a satisfactory percentage of winning trades. This can be attributable to this droid conservative  risk  reward ratio.

The technology of  programs like this are not welcomed and sometimes blaspheme by some currency trading brokers. Once the robots are detected, more than few of these currency brokers forbid their usage and try to make them unprofitable. The program runs on a stealth mode in order to prevent detection. There are two unique ID settings that this software uses and it is recommended that these are changed on a weekly basis to continue operation without being detected.

Another important feature of this advanced program is that it uses a one-hour entry point. It observes the currency market for a longer time compared to other Forex automated trading software before making a trade. This translates to making a safer and more profitable currency trading transaction on the open market. An advantage of this droid is that it is among the more recent currency trading robots and thus is an improvement over the previously released software. However, it only trades in E.U.R./U.S.D. for the time being.

Future Forex automated trading software should consider various types of major exchange currencies.

For a tiny amount of money, you can avail of all services that this unprecedented Forex automated trading software offers and at an additional investment of about the same amount, you can start successful trading from home.

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