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November 22, 2011

Hostgator Scam, work at home scams

Host Gator Complaints: New Research Done Found Unbelievable Facts!

Host Gator Complaints and other allegations have been around since 2002 which was the year HostGator was founded by Brent Oxley. However before the second quarter of 2011 the company has declared at least 5 million websites hosted. Making it one of the fastest growing web hosting companies around the world. How could that have happened if the allegations are true that Host gator complaints occur left and right? This article will answer that question and provide solid evidence as well as adequate reasons about the numerous allegations regarding Host gator complaints.

A Rundown of Accusations.

A cursory perusal of several websites that posted “Hostgator fraud” regarding the company has come up with the following results:

  1. Phishing allegations: acquisition of highly sensitive information and then selling it.
  2. Poor customer service (either inexperienced or unprofessional)
  3. Improperly and/or illegally billed accounts
  4. Failure to process cancellations
  5. Cancellation without warning

Host Gator Complaints Allegation Reply

  1. Phishing is a very serious crime that may even involve economic sabotage, and if there was in fact a well founded belief that HostGator sold confidential client information then they would have been brought to court. To date the Phishing Host Gator Complaints and scam allegation is still unfounded.
  2. Customer service is a top priority within HostGator. Scam allegations rate pretty high in the to do list and more than a couple of times the owner himself has answered bloggers allegations and facilitate complaint resolution with unsatisfied customer. Now how is that for customer service, the owner of a 12 million dollar revenue generating company answering complaints!
  3. Accounts are billed based on the service availed of by the consumer. Now in more that one instance a customer has availed of the wrong service which led to inefficient web hosting service. As much as possible the hosting provider tries to accommodate these consumers but only up to a certain point since it is the duty of the consumer to be properly informed of his or her account. Allegation of Host Gator Complaints for improperly filed services is unwarranted and unfair.
  4. The company guarantees that if the web hosting service does not do its job because of the insufficiency of the service then the customer can cancel the account and get a refund. However this has to be to go thru the complete process and there should be a valid reason fro cancellation. Without a valid reason then the cancellation will not push thru, also if the customer does not complete the cancellation process then the cancellation will not be considered. This is standard business practice. Allegation of Host Gator Complaints for failure to comply with the required reason and procedure is unjust for a company that can only provide the service requested  of.
  5. In some cases cancellation also occurs for violation of the terms of use. For example if a website actively professes violence, antisemitism or any other illegal acts then web hosting company has the right to cancel the web hosting for that site. Allegation of Host Gator Complaints for website confusing content  of the terms and conditions of use is clearly putting unwarranted.

In closing, allegations of illegal activities by the company are unfounded and are pretty standard for a company of its size. The important thing to remember is that Host Gator would not have grown this big if it did not provide quality service at a cheap price.

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