HostGator Complaints

November 16, 2011

Hostgator Scam

HostGator ComplaintsHostGator Complaints And Allegations.New Research Done Found Unbelievable Facts!

Webhosting anyone? For those who do not understand what webhosting is then look no more. This article will not only serve as your primer for web hosting but will also introduce you to Hostgator.

The Concept of Web Hosting

Webhosting allows individuals to globalize his or her website via the worldwide web. This is done thru several services offered by a webhosting company such as server space, internet connectivity and sometimes even website design and tweaks. Basically it not only allows a website to be seen around the world but it allows an individual to send data from one location to another via secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP). HostGator was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley in Houston. As of 2007 it is estimated that Host-Gator raked in $18.7 million in revenues. In 2010 Host-Gator registered 2 million domains and before the second quarter of 2011 they astounded the web hosting industry by registering more than 5 million domains hosted.

More On HostGator Complaints and Allegations

HostGator complaints like Phishing, illegal credit card charges, fraudulent billing practices, unaccepted cancellations, poor customer service have come up several times from unsatisfied customers, detractors and what nots. This is only natural for a company that host more than 5 million sites and counting. What has the company done about HostGator complaints and allegations?

  1. The company tries to identify the source of the HostGator fraud and allegations and then contact them in order to rectify any situation that needs rectifying.
  2. Several times the owner of Host-Gator himself has answered bloggers complaints and then explained the procedure to the same.
  3. Conduct independent investigation to verify the validity or falsity of the HostGator complaints.

Thru these three steps the company has come up with a few simple answers regarding majority of Host Gator bad accusations: First and foremost is the fact that sometimes the complaint about improperly debited credit cards arises because the website owner failed to read the entirety of the agreement especially the procedure for filing a complaint.

Like most corporations HostGator will bend over backwards to resolve an issue with a customer but it cannot do so if the customer does not initiate the complaint and just rants and raves their complaint in blog sites. Second, some bloggers allege that they are still being charged by the company via billing notices and/or auto debit even after cancelling the service. However investigation shows that the person who called failed to follow proper procedure when cancelling an account. HostGator complaints seem unfair given the fact that when the consumer signed up the procedure for cancellation was explained and contained in the terms and agreements in the contract. Third, a lot of Host Gator Scam allegations seem to originate from an individual who had his web-hosting service removed by HostGator for posting and hosting anti-Semitic remarks on their webpage Fourth, some bloggers take offense on the number of BBB complaints registered for Hostgator. Complaints follow suite, however they fail to consider that BBB does not rate a company solely on complaints and allegations but by the number of times, the efficiency and effectivity of the company in rectifying the complaints. It would also be very important to note that the company has received significantly fewer complaints as opposed to web-hosting companies with only a third of their subscription. You can read more on HostGator Complaints and visit the company.

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