How To Make Money Taking Surveys Online. The Paid Survey Scam

February 9, 2011

Paid Surveys

Warning signs to help you find out when a website offers a service that is actually an Internet scam are all over the place. They are just waiting to get decoded by prospect victims like you. The bad thing is, these signs are so obvious but people still tend to overlook them and fall for Internet scams anyway. Why does it happen?

Paid survey scam is the most prevalent type of scam in the Internet. It is so easy to do for both party – the victim and the scamming company. Internet users are practically endless which makes this scam a lucrative and feasible system. It does not run out of possible victims. Likewise, there are new web surfers everyday. New users are more likely to get caught on the bait. But more than the Internet as a vast source for paid survey scam applicants, it is the companies that do the sales talk, which you eventually buy. Arming yourself with the power of knowledge, you can cast aside the darkness of ignorance and expose these propagating scam sites for what they are.

In this type of scam, the company will let you take their individual surveys for a certain fee but you can have a chance to accumulate points and earn more than what you should invest in the process. The only question left is how to receive what you earned. These scams require you to reach a minimum payout limits before you can withdraw. The problem is they are not willing to give that to you from the beginning. By this time, you already spent a good deal of money and they earned in return.

Having a dashing website certainly helps in fooling a lot of netizens. Looks can be deceiving indeed and it strongly applies in this case. Whether the website offers testimonials from supposedly successful members attesting to the practicality of being a member or a utterly convincing sales pitch, the scam should be easily seen just by look into the mechanics.

When it comes to earning income via the Internet, one way is to make money taking surveys. You can also do legitimate work like product review job. However, you have to pay for the delivery of the product since you will make a review about it. A factual review is nothing if you have not experienced using the product first handedly. Otherwise you will be writing just another opinion column. The “payment” part makes it look like another form of scam but actually it is not. You can even gain more in this system as you will not only earn from the write-up but you can keep the product for yourself even if you just paid for the shipment. It is two heads in one shot.

If you insist on doing the easier survey, then you still have an option. The points reward system allows you to take surveys free-of-charge but you still need to reach a minimum payout limit before withdrawing whatever it is in stall for you. On most cases, it is not cash for reward but a free item delivered to you. That is still far better than paying for a non-existing income.

 There are a lot of ways to earn over the Internet for as long as you know what to trust.

Follow what the experts have to say and be enjoy your income without the troubles of being fooled.

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