How To Start Your Own Blog For Money

March 3, 2011

Blogging For Money

This article will show you different ways to earn money in blogs. There are several sites that allow you to register your blog to make money blogging. These sites can use your services as a product reviewer, a web content writer and the like. Each money-making technique will be explained here.

1.      Google Adsense program – For those who are blogging for money, this is their prime money-maker. Google has established an advertising program where advertisements relevant to a blog’s content are placed on a blog. When a reader clicks on the ad, the blog owner receives a percentage for every click. Through this program, bloggers are driven to fill their blogs with quality content to drive more reader traffic to their blogs. The increased traffic may result in more clicks to the ads within the blog.

2.      Internet Marketing – Some professional internet marketers use their blogs to reach their target market. Through their blogs, they are able to make money blogging about their products. They write posts about their product’s different benefits, how their products can be used, who can use their products and so on. Through blogging, they establish their credibility and their sales are increased.

3.      Link Building – Internet marketers also make use of link building to drive traffic to their product websites. By posting links within their blogs, they are driving targeted traffic to their websites thereby increasing their revenue. Many smart bloggers also make use of comments to post links to their sites. This is another viable method of earning money regularly through blogs.Freelance Writing – Some internet marketers are very good at what they do: marketing. But some can’t write good content. This is where freelance writers come in. If you are already blogging daily, then there is a market for you to offer your service by freelance writing. There are several websites that are always looking for freelance writers to write high-quality content. This is another way for you to earn through your blogs.

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