Make Money In Blogs by Driving Traffic to Your Blog

February 21, 2011

Blogging For Money

I have been a blogger for the last two years and I would like to share how I drive traffic to my blog increasing my chances of making money in blogs. I will show you how I did it now.

Write blog articles with good quality: The secret to blogging success and blogging for money is to write good content daily. Write a variety of good content everyday and try to submit your articles to article directories. Submitting to article directories will gain you more readership to your blog. Find a niche topic that you can write very well about.

Submit your articles to EzineArticles are the readers’ heaven. There are millions of articles submitted to that website daily and even more people reading those articles every day. EzineArticles allows you to include a link back to your blog which will gain you more traffic to your blog. This traffic is targeted traffic that will allow you to make money blogging what you are passionate about. By placing your blog link in the resource box, readers of your articles will visit your blog.

Register your blog to I received a massive downpour of new traffic once I registered my blog to blogtopsites. Choose the appropriate category for your blog – this is the most important step. They will also give you a java script that you can paste in your blog. This is like a small button saying “Vote for Me” so that you can get listed in blogtopsites. As your readers increase in number, your blog’s ranking will also increase. When I first submitted my blog, I was number 895. After two days, my blog ranking is in the top 100 blogs.

Support Commentaries: Another way for you to drive more traffic to your blog is to place comment in other blogs. By writing comments in other blogs and including a link to your blog, those blog owners and their readers will start to trust in you. Your credibility will increase and they will assume that you also write good quality content on your blog. By increasing the readership of your blog, you become a trustworthy source of information.

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