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March 7, 2011

Forex Trading

I was impressed by the way Forex Megadroid performed since 2009. Its profitability is consistent as shown from its back test results graph. However everything that this trading currency software presented seem so surreal to me. I can help but put my disbelief on it.

Rumors are circulating about Forex Megadroid scam, so I decided to do my homework. All my questions were answered after I dug all the information about Forex Megadroid that I needed. So I started form the very basics; what really is it and who developed it?

Forex Megadroid is developed by John Grace and Albert Perrie, both for more or less 40 years now are experts in forex market. The Forex Megadroid robot is driven by the Reverse Correlated Time & Price Analysis or RCTPA. In fact it’s the very first to use the newest RTCPA Artificial Intelligence.

RCTPA, as the developers had explained, allows the Forex Megadroid robot to predict price movement in the forex market within short terms maybe for the next two to four hours.  The robot even has an accuracy rate of 96% according to Grace and Perrie.

By learning so, I got curious. Is there really such a thing as 96% accuracy in predicting short term trends? How come Forex Megadroid is able to most of the time direct its trade parallel with short-tem trend directions?

Its developers had mentioned through several occasions that the robot is the very first to use Artificial Intelligence. Accurate predictions of the forex robot are mainly due to its use of the said intelligence. Instead of recycling trades, the robot learns to not to use loser trades. The robot will analyze why such a trade never succeeded and afterwards use the information extracted for usage in future trades.

The result is that traders will not be using manual trading in order to close their trades profitably. Yet, if you are planning to purchase the Forex Megadroid robot, you should keep in mind that the software must be utilized correctly so that you can get the most out of it.

Even though Forex Megadroid presents an impressive work, the robot happens to unaccount global economic events especially economic announcements with massive impact. It is important to take not that the robot should not be utilized during the announcement of:

  • Non-Farm Payroll Report
  •  Consumer Price Index
  • Consumer Confidence Index
  • Other major economic announcements

Its inability to account during the enlisted economic announcements does not bring proof to Forex Megadroid scam. In my own opinion, these facts are enough to disprove rumors about Forex Megadroid scam.

The product is very much user-friendly, easy to download and install. In fact it is ready to be downloaded as soon as one is through paying for it. As for its installation and operation, there’s nothing you should worry about. Installation last for ore or less 5 minutes.

If you are going to purchase this trading currency software, you are so sure that you are not dealing with some money hungry scam artists. The evidences and the credentials that the system had presented are more than enough to disprove malicious accusations that it is a scam.

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