Writing A Blog For Money And The Recruitment Industry

March 3, 2011

Blogging For Money

The recruitment industry is one of the most popular industries that make use of blogging for money today. Most everyone is headhunting for the best talents that they can find. Since the internet is available to everybody, the recruitment industry has also plunged into the world of blogging. Blogs offer certain advantages that will help in your headhunting activities:


  • Better interaction – A recruitment blog is a much easier way to finding a good talent as better interaction can take place within the blog. The younger set are now very comfortable in social networking and blogging. As they say, the best candidates are the ones who still have fresh minds and skills to offer. Therefore, the young and fresh candidates are always sought after for the best jobs.

  • Informal Communication – Blogging allows you to communicate immediately and informally to your readers. Readers are more comfortable with informal interaction allowing you to make money blogging about your recruitment activities.

  • Fewer Formalities – When blogging for money and for finding fresh candidates, there’s no need to be very formal in communication. By keeping your blogs fresh, the candidate will also be encouraged to make an application for a job.

  • Cheaper Source – Companies spend a lot of money by hiring consultants to find the best candidates for them. Through blogs, a cheaper medium for headhunting is provided as an alternative. Since most companies are cost-cutting these days, this is almost always the preferred medium. 

  • Link Building – This can be done throughout the blog and will allow more candidates to read your blog. You can ask others to post for you or write an article about recruitment for submission to another website. By submitting an article with a link to your blog, more people will be directed to your blog. Once they are on your recruitment blog, they will see the job opportunities that you offer.

  • SEO Friendly – Blogs that have different keywords are SEO friendly. Choose smart keywords so that when a job hunter searches for jobs online, your recruitment blog will be seen first.  

As an interaction medium – Blogs are interactive in nature. Therefore, by interacting with your candidates on your blog, you are able to shortlist them immediately. Furthermore, you can collect their CV’s online; ask them questions online and shortlist your candidates. This will save you the hard work of interviewing each and every candidate personally.

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